Women & Work

Women & Work

Here we will be discussing issues of Women and their work .

The first topic we will cover is the affects of the pension reforms on women. Yesterday we saw that 250,000 public sector workers went on strike due to changes in their pensions that the coalition is trying to implement.

This is area that many women feel passionately about as 65% of public sector jobs are done by women. 

Firstly under the 2006 Equality Act,the govt has a legal duty to give “due guard” to the impact of women of all its policies and to mitigate any changes that look likely to adversely affect women.

Do we feel this coalition govt is taking into account the 2006 Equality Act ?

Fast track changes to the pension age,will leave 500,000 women waiting more than an extra year before they can retire.

State pension will be equalised with men at 65 in 2018,then everyone moving to 66 by 2020.

The plan leaves half a million women born in 1953 and 1954 with just seven years notice that they will have to wait more than a year longer to collect their State pension. Of those 33,000 will have to wait a full 34 months.

Labour believes that the move breaches the coalition agreement promise not to make any further changes to the pension age for women before 2020.

How do you feel about the changes to the pensions ? Do you think that the coalition govt is disregarding the 2006 Equalities act ?

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