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Women who have inspired my life.

Today is International Women’s Day. Every year we celebrate the contributions that women have made to our world, our society and our lives.

This year is particularly poignant as there have been campaigns like #metoo and Time’s Up. Also it’s 100 years since women were granted the vote at 30 on 6th February 1918.

2018 is a year where women want their voices to be heard stronger and continue to fight for equality.

As a woman in the 21st Century, I know how difficult it is, to still have our voices heard. But it’s women who can inspire other women to be confident, to achieve and help other women to become leaders.

As a woman in public office and to have the honour to be on the Cabinet of Lincoln City Council I hope that I can inspire women to get involved in politics, run for elections and then women can inspire other women to do the same.

Today is a time when I write about the women who have inspired my life and whom I adore :

My mum, Doreen.. Brave, determined and has fought through cancer twice, the loss of her only son but maintains her positive spirit. She is my backbone, my strength and the voice of sensible reason. A rock who is always there. With a loving heart.

My gran, Annie…a great influence on my life for thirty six years. Her wisdom, her stories and resolve. A strong personality who always had time to listen. To give advice and not be judgemental.

My aunty, Yvonne…  a sense of fun, an artistic  flair, creative spirit. A soft nature and like a rainbow she had so many beautiful colours.

My aunty, Kitty… was supportive, and kind. Listened and always reliable. And like my gran a story teller.

Having strong, creative women in my family have contributed to who I am today. And I appreciate all that they have taught me and the lessons of being brave, being myself and striving.

Tell me about the women who have inspired your life.



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