Women in politics

I was elected City Cllr in May. I am one of the 31% of women Cllrs in the UK. Yet we represent 51% of the worlds population.

We are dramatically underrepresented in position of politics,power and influence.

The cuts by the Govt are hitting women the hardest. The public sector where the Govt is cutting severely, majority of jobs are held by women.

I always think the facts speak for themselves :

75% of local government workers are women. 1 in 8 of all jobs done by women are in local government.

77% of NHS workers are women.

80% of adult social care workers are women.

82% of education workers are women.

Women experience a full-time pay gap of 14.9%

64% of low paid workers are women.

40% of ethnic minority women live in poverty.

Women’s average personal pensions are only 62% of average for men.

92% of lone parents – group more likely to live below the poverty line- are women

The costs of childcare in the UK are amongst the highest in the world, heavyly limiting women’s choices to take up paid work.

Then look at the facts for women in positions of influence :

Currently in the UK, women are

22% of MP’s

22% of Peer’s

16% of all Govt Ministers

22% of Cabinet Ministers

36% of Members of the Scottish Parliament

18% of the Northern Ireland Assembly

42% of Members of the Welsh Assembly

26% of Members of European Parliament

9% of University Vice Chancellors


It will take up to 70 years, to achieve an equal numbers of women MP’s and 150 years to achieve parity in local government.


Time to speak up sisters

Thanks to for this information and Fawcett Society.

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