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Vote for your Values

What do you believe in ? What are your values ? What are your principles ?

On May 7th 2015  in the UK – you will be asked to make a choice, you will be asked what political party or person  you want to represent you.

Over the next few weeks you will receive literature through the door, phone calls or a knock on your door from people who will ask for your vote.

There will be pledges, promises. As there always has been in an election period.

How to make that choice ?

This election may be the most undecided in a generation.

That’s why I want to talk about values. The reason I am in the Labour Party is due to what I believe in, my values and those shared values with the Labour Party.


Firstly I have a strong sense of Justice. I do not like any injustice. I am a strong believer in Social Justice.

These are just a few of the policies that a Labour Govt brought in, that represent Social Justice.

National Health Service. Giving universal healthcare to everyone on basis of need. Health being paid via taxation, redistribution.

Minimum Wage. Making sure that people are valued, that they can have dignity. A way to tackle the imbalances in the workforce. Tackling low pay.

Sure Start  Children’s Centres. Free early education for all three and four year olds, more affordable and higher quality childcare. Trying to tackle Child Poverty and supporting families.

Labour Party is about representing everyone. Opportunity for all, no one is left behind.

Values of  co-operation & building strong communities. Through Government that is people based. Empowerment and responsibility.

We are stronger working together for the common good.

These are values that create a productive economy. An economy where all benefit, not just a few.

Building a future together, that benefits society, benefits  all generations.

That’s why it’s important  at the ballot box to vote for your values.










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