The end game – virtually no State.

A Good Society needs strong foundations in Education and Health. The profit society gains is in its people.

But what happens when market forces enter our foundations and in some cases will be running them. No longer is profit about the benefits of a society, but profits become important in monetary value.

You will begin to hear phrases used such as ” Value for money ” rather than ” the need of the person”. Competition is part of a market system. In the future hospitals, GP’s will compete with each other. Schools will buy in private help , pay and conditions will vary from school to school.

There will be fragmentation. There will be division. There will be winners and there will be losers. This is because as the market reigns supreme, profit is put above all other factors.

Under the coalition Govt our foundations are being attacked. Attacked by an ideology. Ideology that believes in a small State or virtually no State. There is no concern for the consequences of this ideology. The drive to reform is so important that the damage to our fabric of Society is ignored.

The deficit that we have in this country, that actually came about by greed of a few misguided people in the banking sector, bailed out by the public sector, has been used to as an excuse to reduce the State , to allow this damaging ideology to flourish.

Our economy has been allowed to go into double dip recession because the ideology is more important than the  need to resolve our economic situation.

You will hear coalition politicians speak about the need of reform is important for the long term. Yet we are experiencing the worst economy crisis in a century. Our priorities need to be about growth and employment. About building confidence. It should not be about fragmenting a health and education system for the benefit of an ideology.

Our Police force is also experiencing the wrath of the ideology of reducing the State. Privatisation of the back offices by  G4S – a security firm – in Lincolnshire is another example of this.

Examples of privatisation of the past that have been a disaster – our Utilities – our Transport and yet no matter the cost, the ideology must be pursued.

Imagine the cost to our society when the market has invaded and controls our Health and Education.

This all for the sake of reducing the State.

Market forces should never be allowed to enter our foundations. Yet under the Coalition Govt they have been given easy access.

What future lies ahead for a divided society , as the gap between the rich and poor increases at a pace. Who will be the winners, who will be the losers….

One to think about.



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