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Save our NHS

The National Health Service is our national treasure. It represents what is Great in Great Britain.

Our National Health Service is threatened . This is the reality. 

The Lords are debating today and tomorrow they will vote on the Health and Social Care Bill.

Please add your comments below about how you feel about the NHS and tell as many people as you can to come to this blog to share their comments.

Let us be the VOICE and tell this  Govt that we do not want this Bill.

We love the NHS and if you do allow this Bill,coaltion Govt, with no mandate,  to go through. * We will never forget and we will never let the British people forget what you have done.*  I Rosanne Kirk will pledge this. This pledge will not be broken unlike other pledges broken by this Govt.

Add your comments and let us #SavetheNHS

Thank you


I love the NHS .

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