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Our society thrives when we value our public sector workers

We have to ask ourselves – “What kind of society do we want?”

The early years are vital to the development of a child. It’s been proven that having a good start in life – can benefit a person for the rest of their life. And as a society I feel we have a duty to give every child the best start. This means we need to have in place good systems to support families.

Health visitors are part of this good system. They are essential in giving advice, guidance and support to parents.

In October 2017 Lincolnshire health visitors were transferred from the NHS to Lincolnshire County Council. According to Unite the Union this transfer has meant that they have lost more than £2000 a year in their pay. There is also a serious concern about the downgrading of health visitors professional status resulting in fewer staff doing specialist health visitor role.

Health visitors in Lincolnshire have taken the difficult decision to take strike action. Public sector workers have suffered under the ideological policies to reduce the state over the last decade and we must support their action. Our public sector workers are what make the good society which benefits us all.

Sadly we have seen the impacts of the cuts to the public sector with increases in violent crime; increases in homelessness: higher drug taking and deaths by drugs. Sure start centres have closed, libraries have closed. A good society will invest in its public sector and support its pubic sector workers,

Lincolnshire County Council must listen to the health visitors and change their direction.




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