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No to May’s Grammar School Gamble

Much has been said about the government’s plans to reintroduce grammar schools in England, not least Michael Wilshaw, another expert,who has come out against the measures, stating that “May should now focus on post Brexit skills crisis that we now face”.

He is right !  Too often our young people are often denied the career and skills advancement they need,particularly if they leave school at sixteen or eighteen. We should be equipping “all” our schools to support young people, to enable them to make informed choices on what to do when they leave school.

Furthermore, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that selective education of grammar schools will tackle social mobility.With studies continually showing that investment in early intervention between the ages of 0-5 alongside good teaching addresses school readiness and have much more profound impact on attainment. According to a recent survey by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) 8 and 10 teachers do not support a new wave of grammar schools.

I am genuinely concerned that new grammar schools will seriously undermine the successes of our integrated education system. We are all aware that children and young people go through different stages of ability, at different times.To put our children through another round of rigorous testing at the age of eleven does nothing for their self-esteem,nor should they be separated into winners and losers in an education lottery.

We simply cannot accept a system that would reintroduce selection by the back door, where our children’s futures were dictated at the age of eleven.

We must concentrate on adequate funding and support for our existing schools and provide outstanding education for “all” 0ur young children.

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