My speech – Labour Party Conference – Libraries

Libraries Speech
Without Libraries I would not be standing here today as a Labour Councillor.
Without Libraries the trade unions would not have been formed.

Without Libraries the Labour party would not be here today.

It was in the mid 1800’s – where inequality and impoverishment was rife – that it was realised that in order for a nation to benefit, to become enlightened, to be productive all people regardless of their background needed access to free information and knowledge.
The public library was born and there can’t be anyone in this hall today that hasn’t benefited, one way or another, from them.
This surely is social justice!
Yet today our libraries are under attack.
Under attack from a Govt that prefers to divide society.
An attack on the very heart of our democracy.
Tell me – where else can we find a more equal, democratic institution than our local library.In Lincolnshire our library service is under threat.
44 libraries to be cut to 15 .
70% of mobile stops to be cut.
170 jobs to be lost.Isn’t this the worst kind of Social Vandalism!
The Labour Party is the party of Social Justice – we stand up for the many and not just the select few. Libraries are at the heart of Social justice in our communities and we must do all we can to protect them.
And with your help and support we will!

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