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Music brings magic into our lives and profoundly affects our world

It’s one of those beautiful days. The sun is shining. The flowers are enhanced by the rays of light. And I’m in a thoughtful mood. To be honest, that happens quite a lot. Since I was a child, I have taken time to think about the world and try to make sense of it. I can imagine, many of us, have or do.

In the background as I am in my thoughtful moment. I have my music on. Music is such an important part of my life. It’s not a distraction but actually helps my thoughts, my writing and helps with creativity.

The music I’m listening to. Is Imagine Dragons. It’s their new and can I say, fantastic album. Every song is an absolute delight. So if you haven’t listened to it, yet. Please do. They are an incredibly talented group. I have always been drawn to music where you can feel the passion, the creative writing and the songs that present meaning. Well Imagine Dragons have all this.

And that’s why I wanted to write about them today and how music can help, heal and connect people.

In 1988, when my only brother died tragically at 19. It was music that helped me. I’m not sure what I would have done, without music. It was the band INXS that actually helped me, their music managed to get me through those difficult months when he died and the years after. I kept playing their music. It is therapy. And through the difficult times, it’s there. Connecting people. As social media connects people. Music has always been there to connect us, to help us, to make us smile, cry and dance !

And this is where I get to 2017 and I’m here, writing this blog about how music continues to connect people and create its magic.

Today I saw a post on Facebook about a fundraising concert for fighting  pediatric cancer, by Imagine Dragons. It’s their fourth gala dinner to fundraise to fight against pediatric cancer. Dan Reynolds the lead singer, explained how they had become involved with the fight against pediatric cancer.

Tyler Robinson had been diagnosed with cancer at 16. His brother Jesse, contacted the band via Facebook, and to let them know that he was bringing his brother to their concert in Utah. And that Tyler’s song was ‘ It’s Time’.

At the concert the band dedicated the song to Tyler and they found him in the crowd and it was a very emotional moment. Dan and the band kept in contact with Tyler and his family.

In 2013, Tyler died. I know that gut wrenching heart break of losing a sibling as a teenager. It never goes away, but music once again can connect people and Imagine Dragons with Tyler’s family created ‘The Tyler Robinson foundation’ to help and support families dealing with pediatric cancer. The foundation has already done incredibly work and raised millions.

My cousin was diagnosed with cancer at 11. I saw what my family went through. And to have a foundation that can help and support families, when they are going through very difficult times, the unknown and heartache, is why music is magical. It connects people, it helps us through difficult times and this story of Imagine Dragons and Tyler shows what can happen when a message on social media and the love of music can bring people together.


You can find details of The Tyler Robinson Foundation at








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