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Live Blog about Legal Aid Cuts And changes to criminal justice system

At Business and Law building at Lincoln University 16.25pm

Awaiting open forum

Opening speech by Law society, Lincoln.

The law society shows the Govt’s plans can’t work.

The legal Aid system has to continue.

Napo is speaking (probation) It is in public sector – exist to protect the public – Govt to dismantle probation office – put it out to tender. 30% to stay in public sector – and 70% to outsource to companies such as G4S, Serco and Sodexo.

Govt wants to bring in payment by results

Napo believes justice and public protection should not be about profit. It should be about public safety, reducing reoffending, rehabilitation and preventing further victims.

What you can do – Napo’s campaign

Next speaker Martin Collins from PCS Union 16.46

PCS believe the changes will cause a two tier system. PCS believe 15,000 MOJ jobs will be axed by 2015. The legal Aid bill has actually fallen. Govt cuts will have knock on affects in other areas. Justice should not be a Market system.

PCS believes these cuts are not necessary.

Final speaker – criminal lawyer

( At this point I had to go to another meeting – so will just add some notes underneath about what was said )

Transformation of legal Aid brought in April by the Govt, Legal Aid had actually been brought in 1940’s.

The part that struck me the most was about the Magna Carta ( one is located in Lincoln Castle) Article 40 states “Shall not sell Justice” but this is what this Govt is doing.
The Govt in Transformation of Legal Aid, April 2013″ 164 pages long at the beginning states “We are going to do price competitive tendering”

So in the future we could have companies running our justice system for profit, is this what we want ?

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