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East Midlands Labour Party Women’s Conference – live Blog

‘Women in Politics’ Day 2013 – Saturday 8th June 2013
The Ashwood Centre, Portland Street, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, NG17 7AB

10.00 – Welcome to East Midlands Women’s Conference
By Gloria De Piero MP, Ashfield.

Gloria opens the Conference
10.10 – Guest Speaker

RT Hon Harriet Harman MP, Labour Deputy Leader, Shadow Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport.

Harriet speaking at the moment – “We need more women in lead Councillor roles”

“Labour women need to be the voice for women in the country”

Labour has been trying hard to increase women’s representation in parliament.

Harriet has pledges to Emily Davison, Suffragette.

1. Don’t stop doing what you are doing till job has been done.
2. Be prepared to have controversy – if you are not having a row, you aren’t doing anything – don’t be adverse to rows. Argument for change.
3. What have we done for other women.Hold open doors for other women.

4. Support other women. You need the support of other women.

5. Women must be the engine of our own liberation.

10.30 – Now a Q&A with Harriet and Gloria

Good questions on social justice to Harriet and Gloria.

Harriet answers a question on women on boards, – if there are men only boards, what does it say for the women who work there, they need representation.
Women are needed on boards.

Good questions being asked by Labour women.
More questions asked about modernising parliament, bedroom tax, landlords, social care.

12.00pm – Policy Sessions

GMB – Agenda 2015 – ‘Childcare : What matters to parents and children’
Unite – Agenda 2015 – ’21st Century NHS and social care : Delivering integration’

Back from Lunch

13.40 Community Campaigning

Glenis Willmott MEP Introduces Luciana Berger MP – Luciana loves coming to women’s conference. Luciana is speaking about her election campaign in Liverpool.

Luciana listening campaign. Luciana speaking about what was happening in wards – task force to sort out issues.

14.30 : Debate – Overcoming the barriers to standing for election

Glenis Willmott MEP : Labour leader in Europe ( Chair )
Anne Western – Leader of Derbyshire County Council
Lucy Rigby, PPC for Lincoln
Sarah Russell, Cabinet Member for Business, Finance and Democracy, Derby City Council
Heather Worman – Leicestershire County Councillor

RT Hon Dame Margaret Beckett MP, Derby South

Now a Q&A session

Anne Western spoke about how she got into politics. Her route to politics was the same as mine. A school governor, who got involved in a campaign, then joined Labour Party. Then ran for election as a County Cllr, nearly missed first time and then elected when she ran again. Has been a Cllr for 16 years and now first woman leader of Derbyshire County Cllr.

Lucy Rigby then spoke about her selection in Lincoln and juggling being a new mum with her role as PPC.

Sarah Russell and Heather Worman both spoke about how being young Cllrs and campaigning.

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