Beauty is truth and truth is beauty – My thoughts on Hillsborough.

One of my favourite quotes is by John Keats “Beauty is truth and truth is beauty”.

Yet on the 15th April 1989 in a football stadium in Sheffield, the truth was hidden. In the most shameful and disgraceful way.

On the  12th April 2012, after 23 years the truth is beginning to appear. Through sheer determination of the families who have suffered. Suffered the loss of their loved ones. They fought for the truth. They fought the system. They fought for their family members who died on that day. They never gave up.

I remember that day in 1989. I was with a friend from my College on a day out. I remember the phone box I stood outside, while my friend desperately rang home to find out if her brother, family members were ok. They were at Hillsborough for the match. The rest is a blur. The upset, the fear. I watched it later on the news. The horrific scenes. Wondering what had happened. How did it happen ? But even then, I knew that fans were not at fault. I just knew.

I feel that the people who were involved in the cover up, amended details. They should be prosecuted. They committed a crime. They wanted to place the blame on the innocent. This is beyond contempt.






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